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by | Jul 15, 2013 | Treatments

Getting the right massage is important and below I have outlined for you just some of the different techniques that I specialise in.

  • Relaxation Massage: A gentle massage with medium pressure, usually slow flowing effleurage and kneading strokes to encourage the parasympathetic nervous system, improves lymphatic and blood circulation, and encourages relaxation of the mind and body. Great for stress relief.
  • Therapeutic Massage: Treatment focus using deeper pressure to allow muscle pain to ease and encourage circulation and blood flow which in turns give nutrients and oxygen to soft tissue and improves range of movement.
  • Remedial Massage: Specific massage techniques to treat the dysfunction of soft tissue, either from Sports injury, repetitive overuse in faulty pain patterns from work or sedentary lifestyle. Information is Gathered to help find the cause and treat the symptom.
  • Neuromuscular Therapy: specific approach to restore the structural, functional and postural integrity of the body which treats the problems of pain patterns that form . Pressure techniques allow the soft tissue to be restored so Spasms, contractions, tensions, adhesions and Trigger Points normalise. Function to the body is improved, with a positive feedback on the musculo-skeletal system and consequently improve the psychology of the client, making them feel better about themselves.
  • Myofascial Release Therapy Massage: Is a hands on technique where light to medium pressure is applied and sustained to the skin to access the superficial then deep myofascial fascia, this allows the tissue to align and normalize with a feeling of less pressure on the body.

Why have a massage?

There are many benefits to massage therapy, to be able to share knowledge, skills and experience with my client base, but also to see how our bodies react to overuse, underuse, stress, illness, injuries, emotional challenges and life in general all shows in the soft tissue.

Questions you may want to ask your massage therapist

  • What formal qualifications do you have?
  • Do you have a first aid certificate?
  • Can I claim the treatment through my Southern Cross insurance?
  • Will you ask for a medical history?

For me professionalism is characterized by a couple of things, one been education and the other attitude.

A true professional will incorporate these into their treatments. Education will allow to access and treat clients for their specific needs and the attitude ensuring they are taken seriously to become the link into the health care system by knowing when to refer clients to other health Professionals, if necessary. I work closely with osteopaths, chiropractors , medical herbalists , personal trainers and Pilates instructors.

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