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Going to see a Massage Therapist?

Below we have put together a number of questions you may want to ask your massage therapist. What formal qualifications do you have? Do you have a first aid certificate? Can I claim the treatment through my Southern Cross insurance? Will you ask for a medical history? For me professionalism is characterized by a couple [...]

What is Piezoelectricity?

Local Healing Mechanisms of Massage Therapy Massage therapy is a way to deliver mechanical stimuli to the body and all local and reflex healing effects of massage therapy are outcomes of this process. The effect which is mostly unknown to practitioners, is the ability of massage to alternate and enhance the cellular function in the [...]

Piezoelectrical Phenomenon in the Soft Tissue

One of the major obstacles for the massage practitioner to build productive professional relationship with physicians and other health practitioners and establish the successful referral base, is their frequent inability to explain the importance of massage in terms familiar to the Western educated doctors. In other words, we have a communication problem, and until this [...]

Tale of Two Practitioners

Looking at a hypothetical case of two massage practitioners, who are being interviewed for the potential work in the family practice medical office, who do you think will have the advantage during the interview: the practitioner who described his work as a way to enhance healing thorough the balance of body energy, remove the energy [...]

Massage Therapy and Piezoelectricity

As we know now, all organs and tissue in our body exhibit piezoelectric properties, but what theoretical and practical value does this information have for the practitioners and massage therapy profession in general? Why do we spend time even discussing this matter? Here are the answers to these questions. The seemingly theoretical concept of piezoelectricity [...]